Hi Gorgeous,I'm Tash Mitch, A Life Coach, Business Strategist, Spiritual Mentor  & Artist 


I work with women in personal development, well being, coaching and artisan industries.


What we do together...

I combine forces with you and help you to weave your life and business in a way that's deeply aligned to your values, full of purpose whilst making the kind of money that is nourishing, freeing and exciting to you.



I was born into a family where both my grandmothers were entrepreneurs, so business was a normal element within my blueprint.

Added to that, one of my grandmothers became my spiritual muse, she was a maverick, deeply intuitive and totally self led. Her relationship to Divinity and Soul was grounded and down to earth, so I learned to make my own spirituality relatable and very practical.



I crafted my keys by studying business and then working as an advertising executive for both the BBC and Music Week Magazines.

I also became a Reiki Master, Energy Yoga Teacher, Attuned To Sacred Geometry and versed in energy medicine and energy psychology.

I am trained in a number of well being modalities so I understand how energy moves within your body and by extension your life.



All of my gifts and talents are now pointed toward helping you to be self led and empowered, I extend tools and strategies that grow and scale your purpose driven business.

I'm the author of Artists Of Health, a vocalist and creative.



I have one foot in the UK and the other in the island of Grenada in the Caribbean, so these backdrops are inter changeable.

In both my homes I live by the sea.

The ocean is one of my greatest teachers and inspirations.