And 10 reasons why I claim the title of Business Energy Alchemist



I have been described as an Indigo Child, which is a pretty way of saying that as a child I was awkward, sensitive, hyper aware of others and their emotions, as a result developed the very accurate skill of being able to read people, their energy and their positive and negative potentials. 



In my childhood I lived in Saudi Arabia for two years and I went to both Arabic and Pakistani schools. I’ve also lived in and visited a number of other countries around the globe, this taught me the lesson that us humans are massively similar the world over. We generally experience joy and sorrow in the same ways for exactly the same reasons.



My loves include Soul Magic, Feeling Amazing In My Being, Creating Alchemy, Yoga, Business, Soul Infused Art, Music, Singing, Dance, Books, Hearty Conversations, Energy Work, Futurism, Beautiful Experiences, LOVE and Evolution. Having a Soul Coded Business & Being A Soul Coded Mentor allows me to bring my full self to the table.



My Grandmother (pictured above) was a major muse and influencer for me, she was a mystic, highly psychic and a complete maverick. She taught me how to straddle the worlds of matter and spirit. She was able to access peoples past and future timelines with precision and accuracy. She showed me a path committed to spiritual evolution and she demystified the gift of intuition, which allowed me to accept my own intuition as a normal part of my being.



I spent 10 years within Media Advertising, first for the BBC and later for Music Week Magazine. This gave a unique lens to my perspective of business. I worked on various projects where I was set a budget and given free-rein to make them a financial success.

This taught me that if we put our minds to anything we can create resources, value for others and success out of sheer commitment, attention to detail, positivity, and focus.



Energy work is a huge passion of mine, I discovered that my successes, my challenges, and my transformations are determined by the quality of the energy I'm able to cultivate within and around me, and my ability to flow and direct that energy into my inner and outer worlds.



I believe that every adult needs  the opportunity to explore their own minds in empowering ways, to release the thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve them, and to strengthen the belief systems that reflect and resonate with the very best of who they are. This is a primary driving force in all my work.



I was labeled with dyslexia as a child, mainly because by the age of 7 I could barely read and write English (the result of being the only westerner in an Arabic school between 5 and 7). But by age 8 I worked out that magic was held in the written word and fell in love with books. I’ve become a writer as a result and am the author of Artists of Health, a series of interviews with over 40 of the UK’s pioneers in the world of Mind Body & Spirit.



I’m passionate about connecting thought leaders, paradigm shifters, evolutionists, mavens, mentors and mavericks to their purpose, heart felt loves and soulful expression of who they are and the work they are destined to do.

It gives me joy to see you amplify your gift of service in the world. Because when you thrive we all thrive.



I get fired up about human expansion, personal growth and what it takes for you to thrive as an individual and by extension within your community.

I believe you have a blueprint burning inside of you that wants to be expressed into the world through you.

Energy work, healing, spirituality and intuition were keys that were switched on and activated right from the start for me, all my life experiences have just served to amplify and expand my ability to express these keys.

My passion lies in helping you to honour your own blueprint and the way it’s asking to be birthed through you.