Forward Movement

Tash has an incredible ability to guide you into a deep meditation so that you can see your world from the inside - out - it allows you to access the unknown and bring it to the light!

This allowed me to connect to a deeper part of myself that facilitated me moving forward. Her strength, wisdom and healing nature is out of this world!

Nadine Benjamin

Opera Singer, Coach, Mentor, Writer and Speaker

Activating Potential

Tash is an oracle and an activator of human potential. She is a wise council that I have come to time and time again in the last few years, and I am utterly confident in her skills to help me navigate through any situation.

Tara Love Perry

Spiritual Teacher & Founder of I Love You Me


Intuitive Guidance & Healing

Tash is a highly intuitive guide and healer. In session, she is deeply present, skilled and loving. She was able to accurately pinpoint the lynchpin that was holding a huge piece of my past in place. With her expertise, we were able to dismantle this belief and contract that I had with another person. I have so much gratitude for all she’s done.

Anaiya Sophia

Teacher & Author of Sacred Relationships


Divine Connection

Tash's work is that rare combination of deeply loving and highly purposeful. She is both direct and focused and yet is also incredibly respectful of your own perspective and process. This is a powerful combination, which empowers you to open into your own divine potential for growth and expansion. Tash's non-judgemental facilitation is such a gift and provides a truly transformative space. I trust her implicitly and am profoundly changed through our work together.

Jane Alexander

Soul Connection Facilitator


Higher & Deeper Vibrations

Tash’s work is insightful, motivating and empowering. She has an amazing ability to get me thinking and vibrating on higher, deeper levels and knows the questions to ask to pull out the wisdom that is already within me.

Carlana Charles

Coach, Speaker, and Events Director


Home Coming

My sessions with Tash leave me feeling deeply nurtured, held, grounded and connected. I always experience a powerful sense of coming home to myself after our work together.

Lara Waldman

The Abundance Activator & Author of Money Manifestation Mastery

 Self Discovery

Thanks to Tash I have got to know myself on a very deep level, I have healed wounds in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible and almost painlessly. My love for Tash and her work is unconditional and I have gifted her online course to a friend in need… This work changed her life too. The gifts Tash provides are absolutely priceless.
Pelagie Ducat

Healer & Intuitive


 Transform Life & Business

You don’t show everyone your closet but I knew Tash didn’t judge me which was really freeing. I continue to work with this beautiful visionary because I’ve received great transformations in my life and business which came as a result of feeling centred and confident in myself. I am so happy and blessed to have met such an amazing woman and intuitive to commune with.
Patrice Hutton Jones

DNA Restructure Method, Essence Alchemist


Limitless Possibility

Tash is an incredibly gifted, warm and vibrant healer. She has a wonderful ability to tune into my energy and bring it to its full potential in a way that feels so safe, reassuring and deeply inspiring/exciting! Through this work I feel that anything is possible and that I truly am love and can shine bright no matter the climate. Tash can bring out the alchemist in anybody which is such a Divine gift.

Abi Flynn

Singer, Writer & Producer

 Peace, Strength & Being

I’ve known Tash for years. Tash has guided me to birth my baby through breath and connecting to my femininity, giving me courage and strength. I needed her strong feminine, intuitive nature. Tash has been such a healing light in my life and I recommend her to anyone looking to tap into their inner peace, inner strength, inner woman.
Karyn Schafer Campbell

Photographer, Creative & Mother