UK businesses that embody a purpose-driven ethos, are making significant strides.

Many businesses like these have had the guidance of a Soul Aligned Business Coach, and as a result they thrive financially as well as resonating deeply with their conscientious client base.

Let’s explore the stories of 10 enterprises led by visionary founders, striking a balance between sustainability, ethics, and profitability.


The Body Shop - Website



While this enterprise is now owned by the Brazilian company Natura & Co, founder Anita Roddick's trailblazing venture, The Body Shop, championed cruelty-free beauty long before it became a trend.

This brand stands as a testament to what passion combined with purpose can achieve. Although Anita is no longer with us, her legacy and example have been an inspiration to many including myself.



Afrocenchix - Website



Co-founded by Joycelyn Mate and Rachael Corson, Afrocenchix blends natural and organic ingredients to cater to Afro hair, addressing a market often overlooked, all while prioritising sustainability. 

This makes me so happy, these products are made for people with specific needs, by people who understand those needs intimately.



Bulb Energy - Website



Initiated by Amit Gudka and Hayden Wood, Bulb Energy was on a mission to provide renewable energy at affordable prices, reshaping the UK's energy landscape.

It has since been acquired by Octopus Energy. But before the change of hands they had managed to gain a customer base of 1.5 millon.



NEMI Teas - Website



Founded by Pranav Chopra, NEMI Teas not only offers a range of delicious organic teas but also employs refugees, aiding their integration into society. It’s a heart-centred business model that's both ethical and successful. 

Pranav is quoted as saying, let's take the label off refugees, we are all just people.



JoJo Maman Bébé - Website



Laura Tenison MBE started this brand, emphasising quality and sustainability. From recycled packaging to ethical trading habits, this stands as an example of a business journey filled with passion.

Because Laura had first hand experience of the gap for good quality maternity products that honoured both the mother and child, she decided to take matters into her own hands.



Finisterre - Website



Tom Kay's brainchild, Finisterre, merges sustainability with fashion, demonstrating how a brand can remain eco-friendly without compromising on quality or style.

Tom was a surfer who wanted to create active wear that felt good, he's quoted as saying, 'I wan't a business man or a fashion designer, I just believed there was space for a brand like this.



People Tree - Website



Driven by Safia Minney’s clear vision, People Tree is transforming fashion with sustainability at its core. This brand has set new benchmarks for eco-friendly clothing.

Safia started off in the world of Marketing and Publishing, working for Creative Review Magazine, where she developed a design eye.

A move to Japan saw her merging cultures together, focusing on well produced textiles which gave rise to this brand.



Chuku's - Website



Pioneered by siblings Emeka and Ifeyinwa Frederick, Chuku's is the world's first Nigerian tapas restaurant. Their venture emphasises eco-friendly operations, waste reduction, and community engagement, all wrapped in a culinary delight. 

They recently got an £8000 grant from Beyonce in order to keep growing and creating an impact.



Riverford Organic Farmers - Website



Guy Singh-Watson’s venture, Riverford, emphasises the significance of organic farming and sustainability, all while being financially lucrative.

Three quarters of the business is owned by 650 of its staff members. The idea behind this is to create a business that has a legacy rooted in the people that work for it.



10. Brompton Bicycle - Website



Initiated by Andrew Ritchie, the Brompton Bicycle merges urban mobility with sustainability, leading the path for eco-friendly transportation.

While working in London as an Engineer, Andrew saw a gap in mobility, he wanted a light weight vehicle that could fold into a small stowaway. And being an engineer he was in a perfect place to create his vision and bring it to market.


In Conclusion:

These businesses, led by diverse and visionary founders, highlight the expansive potential of aligning business with your purpose.

As pillars they demonstrate how ethical stances, often with the guidance of a Purpose Driven Business Coach can create the best kind of success.

It's certainly the purpose of the Soul Coded brand, to progress passionate business owners forward to these kinds of financial and heart felt successes.



If you're an emerging entrepreneurs:

Dive deep into the journeys of these diverse trailblazers.

Align your venture with your core values.

Be inspired and be the change.


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