The Soul plays such a big part in the foundations of Soul Coded, so I took a very deep dive into how it's interpreted scientifically.

In the western world science was placed above spirituality, because it used the building blocks of our material reality as a way of understanding, controlling and manipulating the world on the deepest level.

In many ways it changed our reality, allowing us to take the physical materials around and within us, and use them to transform the quality of our lives. 

However it has limits, many scientists are materialists, meaning if something isn't tangible and visible, can't be tested and analysed, and if it doesn't fit within the boundaries set by the scientist, it's thrown out and labeled irrelevant.



Through the lens of science the idea of Divinity, God or Soul fell into the realm of esoteric and religious, personal, unseen, intangible, immeasurable, not quantifiable and therefore not really existing.

Then came the growth in the scientific path of quantum physics.

These scientists turned their attention to the study of energy and the infinite. They still put boundaries in place to measure things, but because working with the infinite means working with the unknown, they had to be far more open to patterns and interrelationships. 

With that the gap between science and spirt became narrower.



Purely materialistic scientists had a huge issue with the idea of the soul. 

What is a soul, how do you measure it, how do you see it, how do you relate to it?

Immediately they looked to the brain, soul became linked to neuroscience, or the relationship between the nervous system, feelings and mental thoughts.

They drew the conclusion that the soul lived in the brain, it was local and material, anything that disturbing that paradigm was ruled out.

But things were still untidy, because you had to ignore some very real but inexplainable things.



How is it that certain people were able to know and sense things that were not local to them. How were they able to tap into time lines and occurrences accurately, without having been there themselves?

Not measurable, let's ignore that said the scientists.



When some people had a physical crisis that shut down their brains and bodies for short periods, they reported similar experiences of entering a portal or world that was not physical in nature. Many reported making a choice to return to a human reality. 

Not measurable, let's move on said the scientists.



In certain critical states in operating rooms, like when a patient goes into cardiac arrest, flat lines and has to be brought back to life, many patients spoke of hovering over their bodies. They were able to speak of the location of everyone in the room, what people were wearing, what they were doing, what they were saying. But at that moment they were clinically dead.

Not quantifiable, not measurable, not material, no way of analysing. Let's move on said the scientists.

To be clear I am not sharing this as a way of discounting science, we wouldn't have the world we have if it were not for the breakthroughs that were made by science. 

At the same time the largely materialistic perspective of science gained dominance at the expense of the humans connection to the immaterial, intangible, quantum, soul and source nature.

At every turn however there have been scientists that have been putting their heads above the pulpit to include the unknowable nature of consciousness.



These are some of the things they've been saying -

Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms.

-  Eric Schrodinger - Physicist


If consciousness emerges from electrical activity in the brain, everything has electrical activity within it, therefore everything has a mind.

-  Rupert Sheldrake - Biologist


Consciousness exists beyond the brain as a fundamental building block of our reality. The brain interprets consciousness but is not the creator of it. 

Consciousness can enter quantum physics and collapse possibilities into actualities, but only when it is transcendent, unified and embodied.

- Dr Amit Goswami - Quantum Physicist 


We can only make sense of our world, if our world is based on consciousness.

We are not the physical world, the physical world is within us.

- Dr Deepak Chopra - Medical Doctor


When we consider the big bang, there couldn't have been an origin of a Universe unless there were consciousness in existence to perceive it.

Consciousness enters reality through the observer effect, by making something conscious you take it from the field of possibility and make it real.

The observer in this sense is what we call the soul.

- Dr Fred Alan Wolf - Quantum Physicist


Out of body experiences, particularly in cardiac arrests and near death experiences is a very real thing.

- Dr Stuart Hameroff - Medical Doctor


In cardiac arrests the brain shuts down and is switched off. Yet there is a phenomenon where patients are able to recall everything that happened in the room from an out of body perspective.  

Quantum Physics will take us to a reconciliation between spirit and science. 

- Dr Sam Parnia - Medical Doctor


People have information after a near death experience that includes conversations between relatives five blocks away from where they were.

- Dr JP Moreland - Philosopher


Materialism doesn't include consciousness.  But consciousness does need to be be included as a building block of reality, it is non local and exists beyond this lifetime and physical universe.

Non local consciousness is the future of science. Quantum Mechanics already shows that consciousness came before time and space.

Dr Marjorie Woolacott - Neuroscientist


The summary reached through delving into layers of perspectives is that the soul is a field of intelligence that has all the qualities of an observer, and the way we connect and interface with it is through our consciousness.

Our bodies are animated by both our consciousness and this observer intelligence we call the soul, our minds interpret and express this field, but neither the body or the mind created the field which exists beyond this reality of time and space.



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