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Let's take a deep dive into what an energy activation is and how you go about doing it.

There's a saying that the energy that currently exists, is the energy that always existed.

Within our bodies and physical environment energy can't be killed or destroyed. It can only be shifted, transformed, transmuted, changed, and used in ways that increase or decrease your capacity.

So this is the first premise of an activation. Energy IS.

Secondly you can't un-see what you've seen, you can't un-know what you know, you CAN pretend an experience never happened or try and forget about it, but unless you've transformed the energy of it, the frequency will be present in your field. It may be dormant, but at any point something could happen to bring it into your awareness again.


If the same amount of charge is still within it, you may feel like the past is painting itself on all your present experiences.


An activation is a dedicated session designed very deliberately to shift, transform and transmute energy within your being and expression.


An activation can occur through a meditation, contemplation, healing, somatic movement, breath, mentoring and coaching.


It generally highlights an area of contraction, a boundary, a sense of discord, a limitation or a desire to experience MORE.


In the activations I do within Soul Coded, I use words, images, sound frequencies, directed movements, and I invite you to express where you are, articulate how you feel, discuss and contemplate the actions you'll take to create change, and then make a plan so that you commit to doing what it takes to achieve what you want. 


For the most part any change you make is permanent in the moment that you make it.


But as humans we are both cellular and habitual. 


So even though a change has occurred, you have to enter some form of commitment that keeps the change current in how you think, feel and act.


For this to happen you activate an inner observer to help you weave the change in real time. 


The more you engage with your inner observer, the more consciously and intuitively connected you become to the change.


I personally have experienced so many activations in my life, some of which saw me entering a room one way and leaving an entirely different person.


When a huge shift happens we can equate it to a quantum leap where suddenly the world as you know it has become something totally different, and every interaction you have after that point is like you've opened a door to an entirely different universe.



An Example Of An Activation


During a deep meditation I connect to the soul of my business and allowed it to show me its agenda and purpose for being.


With this came a profound connection to the Divine Intelligence at the core of SOUL CODED, I could communicate with this form and get clear answers and directions from it. This truly up levelled everything for me.


Here was what I found:


The purpose of SOUL CODED as an intelligence, is to bring massive shifts and leaps in the way you tangibly plug into your soul guidance and inner knowing.


Soul Coded opens you up to your unique gifts and talents where your desires and goals to make your business a huge success become portals for soul connection. 

It invites you to share what you love into your community and world and be the change you yearn to experience.


Why Business?


The reason your soul uses your business as a portal is because when you're activated within your business, you activate everyone around you as a result, becoming a catalyst for evolution in your life, their lives and the world.


There was such a stark clarity to how this activation landed for me, and at the end of the session everything changed, my resolve deepened and I committed with my whole being, to bringing that vision to life.




Think about yourself, have you ever experienced an activation that changed your trajectory and completely elevated the person you were.

What triggered it? Was it a session like the one i had or was it an event?

Would you like to create opportunities for more of these positive and expansive triggers to happen?



Within Soul Coded every invitation, video, writing and masterclass is dedicated to either Quantum Shifts or Quantum Leaps.


And the deeper programs like the ones below, are crafted to activate you over and over again so shifts and leaps become your new normal.


Quantum Business Studio

Soul Coded House and

Business Rituals


I believe we're designed to root our soul into our reality, turn quantum possibilities into quantum experiences and remember that we are Divine in every moment. no matter what is going on.




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