There's a saying that the energy that exists is the energy that always existed.

Within our bodies and physical environment energy can't be killed or destroyed.

It can only be shifted, transformed, transmuted, changed, and used increase or decrease. your capacity.

So this is the first premise of an activation. Energy IS.

Secondly you can't un-see what you've seen, you can't un-know what you know, you may pretend an experience never happened or try and forget about it, but unless you transform the energy of it the frequency will remain present in your field, awaiting some sort of trigger to bring it to awareness once more.

An activation is a dedicated session designed very deliberately to shift, transform or transmute energy in your being and expression.

The way an activation occurs is through a meditation, contemplation, healing, somatic movement, breath and mentoring or coaching.

It generally brings up an area of contraction, a boundary that has been reached, a sense of discord a limitation or a simple desire for more of something.

In my activations for example I use words, images, sound frequencies, directed movements, invited expressions, articulation, discussion and contemplation to create change.

For the most part this change is permanent.

But us humans are both cellular and habitual. 

So even though a change has occurred, we have to enter some form of commitment that keeps the change present and current in mind, feelings and doings.

For this to happen we have to instruct and command ourselves to reflect the change. We have to make it conscious, intuitive and connected.

I personally have experienced so many activations in my life, some of which had an element of magic and miracle attached to it, meaning I entered a room one way and left an entirely different person.

When a huge shift happens we can equate it to a quantum leap, suddenly the world as you know it has become something totally different and every interaction you have after that point is like you've opened a door to an entirely different universe.

A quantum leap occurred for me in a meditation where I was invited to connect to the soul of my business and allow it to show me its agenda and reason for being.

With this came a profound understanding that Divine Intelligence infuses all things, and also infuses SOUL CODED, I could communicate with this form and get profound answers, direction and connections for the exact resources needed.

Its agenda and purpose is to unify people in the intelligence of their souls through the expression of their gifts and talents. In essence it invites them to amplify and articulate what they love to do and use this as a portal for soul deepening.

The reason Soul Coded uses your business as a portal is because if you're activated within your business, you serve to activate the remembrance of everyone you interact with. You become a catalyst for evolution in your life, their lives and the world.

After that session everything changed, and my resolve deepened. I committed with my whole being to that vision.

This is what you call a Quantum Leap.

And every single day I have Quantum Shifts, these are tiny tweaks to my perspective. A choice to release something and deepen into something else. A decision to take a particular action.

These are the small things we do every day that over the course of a month can create an avalanche of transformation.

Within Soul Coded every invitation, video, writing and masterclass is dedicated to Quantum Shifts.

And the deeper programs like...

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Quantum Business Studio

Soul Coded House and

Business Rituals

... are dedicated to Quantum Leaps designed to evolve and expand your consciousness and expression of who you are so you become magnetic and your business becomes the best expression it can be.

 I believe that both my and your human experience is about making the quantum physical, the Divine expressed and the Soul accomplished.