Clarity is one of the pillars of Soul Coded and it is a huge aspect of my own perspective.


But this means different things to different people.


When I first chose clarity as a transformative point, it was because I understood how important it was for the quality of my own life.


Clarity is purpose.

Clarity is direction.

Clarity is manifestation.

Clarity is in the foundation of every choice.

Clarity is in every moment that a decision is made.


When I'm clear it's like light switching on in a dark room, things are illuminated and I know what to do.


But going even deeper, clarity is connected to two things for me,  it is attached to aliveness. As often the choice that is actively being made is in response to a motivational pulse. And it is connected to love, meaning that the heart has sanctioned the decision in some way.


So to cut to the chase I find it useful to ask myself two questions in order to gain clarity:

Is there a sense of aliveness here?

Has my heart sanctioned this?


The other piece of the puzzle here is that with clarity I needed to have a huge level of transparency and honesty with myself.


Sometimes we already know what to do, but the choice feels hard, problematic, painful even.

In those cases my question is still.

Where is the aliveness here?

Can my heart sanction this?


By engaging with clarity you get to really understand what you value and consider worthy. You get to understand why you choose what you choose. And you get to experiment with the boundaries between what is clear and what is unknown.


There are times when you simply know the choice is the choice, your confused as to why, or how, or when, or any of the fine details. You just know this is it.


And then the questions where is the aliveness here / does my heart sanction this becomes more frequent.

Moment to moment

One foot in front of the other.


In the Quantum Business Studio we do an even deeper dive on this as it relates to your work in the world.


We get into the eight intuitive senses that allow you to interact with situations, people, frequencies and events in your life and allow your inner intelligence to inform you on a 360 level.


Message me if you want to know more about that.


And simply know that checking into your pulse and heart will offer you an immediate guidance system to work with.