A moment arrived when it really hit home that every single thing I do repetitively compounds over time. 
Whether it’s yoga, community connection, financial choices, watering a plant, showing up for my business, or drinking sea moss every day, every single thing that is done repetitively compounds.
In today's culture of fast and instant, it’s possible to think that if you tried something and it didn’t work an hour later you should probably contemplate trying something else.
But there is something to be said for the process of tending.
And in my business, I began to look for the things that needed a certain quality of dedicated attention every single day. I found five very potent pieces to this puzzle. And they have become my rituals. I can't wait to share them with you here.





I am really excited about exploring these energies and bringing them into  planning launches, sales and alignments in my business. 

Thank you so much.

Lorna McPhail - Empowerment Coach


Moon Cycle 

I'll teach you an elegantly simple way to harness the moon phases



You will learn ways to work with your quantum field, tangibly and in real time.



Business is about connection, but these connections need to be in resonance. Learn how to set the energetics in place for this.


Financial Rituals

Infuse frequencies into your accounts and streams of receiving in order to make way for the physical income  and wealth that is already in your field.


Self Preparation Rituals

These are the tools you keep up your sleeve to regulate your nervous system. They are also the things you do to amplify your energy


We're going to go deep and wide on these our time together. 

I can tell you that through these rituals:


  • I transformed procrastination in my business into fully taking intentional action.
  • Transformed the times I was busy but not productive, into doing things that got traction and made massive changes.
  • Transformed the continuous stop/start with things that really mattered most, into £23k months & amazing business connections.
And the results keep getting more and more incredible.


Are you ready for some intentional quantum leaping?





I'm In



These recordings have so many layers and so much quantum depth. I can’t recommend Business Rituals enough!!!!

Lynn Roeder - Vibrational Healer