Welcome to this 12-month online business atelier, designed for you to evolve, create and extend things that pulsate with heart and soul to your community in real time.

You're invited to place a sharp focus on becoming the person you're asked to be, in order to create the changes you're here to make in the lives of the people you serve. 

Through this process we deeply honour your originality, resonance, unique voice and your particular way of seeing that vibrates with the very best you have to give.


To Be A Frequency Match

Your commitment is to say a resounding YES to ...


  • Creating transformations in your world. 
  • Working with both SPIRIT and STRUCTURE in your business. 
  • Loving the heartbeats you serve on the deepest level.
  • Entering the unknown and opening to experience new ways of being and doing. 
  • Actively and consciously evolving in line with your own Inner Guidance.

Stretch past your comfort zone to discover how great your capacity really is.

Stop spinning your wheels while struggling to make sense of who you are in relation to your business.

Learn how your Soul Guidance can lead your business to thriving success.

Embrace your big dreams in order to make positive, life changing impact for your clients and community.

No longer wonder why your answers about your business still feel a whole universe away.

Access a plan of action that's tailored to fit your values and lifestyle.

Our Commitment To You...

Sound guidance toward successful completions.

Help to plug you into your zone of genius and attract the kind of people you love working with.

Constant reminders that you possess what it takes to bring your vision to life.

Tools to cultivate the kind of presence in your business that's automatically felt and attracts amazing opportunities.

A commitment that after a year in QBF, the person you've become feels profoundly upgraded and plugged fully into quantum success.

The development of the kind of confident command that's filled with ease and grace.

The capacity to charge the kind of money that feels nourishing, supportive, dynamic and impactful in your life.


A Journey To Re-member Your Quantum Being…


There's nothing more frustrating than doing a huge amount of 'work' on yourself and your business, and still feeling like a massive piece of the puzzle's missing. 

And to add insult to injury, you then see other people make breakthroughs using methods that you know about, but didn't work for you in any way.

The thing is that if a blueprint isn't tailored and embodied by you, then it more than likely won't work.

I've Experienced That Road

When I started off, the way my soul wanted to express itself in the world seemed so different to the reflections I had from  everyone else around me.

To solve the issue, I became a very natural people pleaser.

This instantly began the treadmill of searching ‘out there’ for the answer because everything 'in here' felt wrong.

Of course, I never found what I was looking for, because I already had what I needed but simply couldn't see it yet.

It's never one size fits all, and with confidence I found...

The courage to do it MY WAY. This is the only way I've found to create the kind of things I wholeheartedly love.

I've found success that feels good in my bones and my being.

I've deepen my talents in ways that are satisfying and joyful. 

I've unlocked access boundless ways to connect to my resources

I continue to nurture a healthy and nourishing relationship with money, allowing me to really see and feel the divinity in the heart of every exchange

... and so much more.


What Others Have Said...




Soul Coded Business


This immersion transforms your life and business by teaching you the energetics of masculine and feminine frequencies.

Through this system you'll elevate your way of being, and this will translate in all your invitations, offers, collaborations and interactions.

You'll create the kind of alchemy and magic where people, opportunities, resources and connections begin showing up on a daily basis.


Introducing The Quantum Business Fempreneur


Quantum Business Fempreneur is a 12-month online interactive program where we go deeply and soulfully into the levers that leap your business forward. 

This system integrates soul and spirit with business strategy and structure.

It's for entrepreneurs who've been yearning to weave a business that infuses divinity and heart at the centre of how they make money and thrive.

Spirit & Structure

8 Building Blocks Over 12 Months




Unearth your gifts and discover your Gold, take full ownerships of your talents, learn to communicate with the soul intelligence of your business and reframe your challenges so that everything you experience serves your evolution and progression.



Sharpen your intuition in order to make elevated choices, understand how your intuitive superpowers serve your business, connect with your soul guidance in a way that makes you a powerful force in your field and form a path of inevitable success.


Discover your Business Pillars, use your words in a way that elevates your business and brand, clearly articulate the transformation you're here to make and tell your story in a way that allows your community to really get to know you.


Define what high level service means to you, intimately know your soul to soul clients, deepen your understanding of the changes you facilitate and create offers that profoundly satisfy the people that you serve.



Appreciate your own uniqueness and what sets you apart, infuse your business with your essence and love, gain tools that connect you to your soul's inspiration and build a business that resonates in heart, mind and gut.

COLLAB IMMERSION (Marketing & Sales)


Create great affiliations and unique collaborations, fall in love with the process of inviting your clients to work with you, sell in ways that feel nourishing, create things that your soul to soul client are grateful to invest in.


Understand the business model that appeals most to you, create systems that allow you to track your money, create streams of income that build a sustainable and successful business and build a loving and nourishing relationship with money.


Define and connect to your value system so it compounds over time, give back to your community in ways that excite you, define what sustainability means to you and start with the end in mind so you're actively involved in the echo you want your business to leave behind.

I Want In!

What Others Have Said...


Tash is an oracle and an activator of human potential.

Tara Love Perry Founder of I Love You Me

Tash has an amazing ability to get me thinking and vibrating on higher, deeper levels.

Carlana Charles Events Director

A homecoming that leaves me feeling deeply nurtured, held, grounded and connected.

Lara Waldman The Abundance Activator

You Also Get This Juicy Bonus

To support your journey of connecting more deeply to the soul of your business!

Learn from over 20 different pioneers on how they gain clarity for their decision making, create impact in their community and serve in a way that allows resources and money to flow to them. This is a game changer.


Hi Gorgeous Soul, I’m Tash Mitch!


I help female entrepreneurs who want to infuse more soul into the way they create impact, transformations, and attract more money, to get crystal clear in their unique voice, their inner guidance system and their energetic integrity, so that they're highly resourced and successful on their own terms.

I come from a lineage of potent female healers and intuitive powerhouses. These included my Great, Great Grandmother, my Grandmothers and now myself. My fluency in the capacity to see and activate energy is in my blood line. 

I developed an interest in business very early on  and started my career off as a Media Advertising Executive in both the TV and magazine industries.

This gave me a very unique lens around business, marketing and serving others in nourishing ways.

I am multi disciplined as a healer, intuitive, entrepreneur and teacher.

I absolutely love dancing, creating music and sharing sound currents. I also have a huge relationship with the Caribbean Island of Grenada, as well as London and Brighton in the UK, and my backdrops tend to be interchangeable.

The ocean is a very dear muse of mine featuring heavily in both my homes, and I try to not be too far away from it.


 Your work as a mentor, coach, healing catalyst, space holder and soulful educator, is needed now more than ever.




Bringing your gifts and services to the table.

Expanding your reach and impact.

Serving your community in deeper ways.

Creating and expressing work that is true to who you are.

Building communities and collaborations that are soulful and fulfilling.


This is an invitation to expand and evolve your business your way.


I'm Ready For A Quantum Shift

What you get in the program...


This program is designed to be a lived experience. It's designed to help you:



Financially . In your reach . In your message. In your connection to the superpower of your soul.













The value easily adds up to £25,000 over the course of 12 months.



Make your payment in 12 monthly instalments

ONLY £759


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Full Payment

Make your payment in full for an entire 12 months of business growth and implementation.

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Receive everything above plus


90-minute Soul Mission Session at the start of your journey


Tash Telegram Tap, voice notes and messages throughout your journey


60-minute coaching call once a month


£1027 Per Month


Make your payment in 12 monthly instalments


Pay By Instalments

Full Payment



Make your payment in full for an entire 12 months of business growth and implementation.

Pay In Full


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Make your payment in 12 monthly instalments

ONLY £759


Pay By Instalments

Full Payment

Make your payment in full for an entire 12 months of business growth and implementation.

Only £8850


Pay In Full


£1027 Per Month


Make your payment in 12 monthly instalments


Pay By Instalments

Full Payment



Make your payment in full for an entire 12 months of business growth and implementation.

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