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12 monthly payments

Terms & Conditions:
This incorporates the standard terms and conditions for Quantum Business Studio, which are attached here.

1. Terms & Conditions

Please read these carefully to ensure that you understand them.

This is the account created for you within the Quantum Business Studio.

The coaching agreement between you and us.

Commencement Date
The date the agreement is signed

Confidential Information
Confidential or sensitive information disclosed by you
within the program | Confidential or sensitive information shared with you by us | Confidential or sensitive information shared by another. Information in these cases may be oral or in writing, and are stated or marked as confidential.

Payable fees as set out in the agreement.

Intellectual Property Rights:
All rights to patents, trademarks, service marks, registered designs, business and company name, domains & emails, copyrights, database rights, know-how, design and invention rights.
All information marked as confidential.

Membership platform accessed through our website where content will be released to you.

Quantum Business Studio Program provided by us to you, under the terms of the agreement.

Program Materials:
Materials you have access to as a result of your participation in the program.

2. Agreement Terms

The agreement will come into force on the commencement date and will continue until.
We have provided the program for the agreed duration.
The agreement is terminated in accordance with the clause as stated below.

You understand you are entering an agreement with us for the purpose of relating to your business or profession, and not as a consumer within the meaning of consumer rights.

3. The Program

This may include:
Group coaching sessions via Zoom (or another platform that may be chosen from time to time).
Access to the membership platform and materials
Access to the membership group created for participants

In providing this program we are an independent coaching provider, nothing in this agreement creates:
A partnership, joint venture or agency between us
Employment relationship
Beneficiary relationship

The program is at all times under our exclusive direction and control.

We will make every reasonable attempt to ensure that the general description of the program on the site and agreement corresponds to the program we provide you; however, we reserve the right to update and or change the precise nature of the content from time to time as is our discretion.

We expect you to satisfy yourself that the program will meet your needs. We do not guarantee any particular result financial or otherwise, professional qualification, nor job employment. The way you incorporate the principles shared and integrate it into your own business is your responsibility.

You understand that testimonials on the website are not to be taken as guarantees of results within your own business.

You understand that this program does not replace legal, financial, tax, medical or other professional advice.

Yoga and EFT has physical and energetic activities within it, you agree to take full responsibility for your choice of movements, practices and physical exercises within the program. Tash Mitch is not a qualified medical practitioner, and therefore does not have the capacity to diagnose, examine or treat any medical conditions.

4. Live Group Sessions

You are invited to participate in group sessions, these will take place at dates and times advised by us. You understand that:

We will advise you of sessions in advance.
The days and times of the sessions may vary each week to allow for time zones.
Dates and times may be subject to change, depending on the availability of the person delivering the program, which is beyond our control.
Dates and times of group sessions cannot be rescheduled at the request of the participant.
If you are unable to attend the session, provided you are not in breach of contract, you will be provided with access to the recording of the session or relevant materials.
Refunds are not given for missed sessions.

5. Our Obligation To You

We will act at all times with reasonable care and skill consistent with prevailing business and mindset coaching standards in the UK.
We will ensure that any person who is engaged by us has the skill needed to deliver the program.
The program material are not provided not exclusive to you, they also are provided to other participants and third parties.
Our obligation is limited to the program offered. Any additional coaching needed outside of what is outlaid in the program will be your responsibility to satisfy.
We will make every reasonable attempt to provide the program as agreed with you, however there may be technical difficulties from time to time that may require us to reschedule or postpone sessions and their corresponding materials. We will make every reasonable endeavor to resolve such issues, however we will not be held liable for technical issues that are outside of our control.
No confidential information that you have shared will be disclosed, unless:
1.You have given us written consent.
2. It becomes public knowledge.
3. It is disclosed by a third party without breach of obligation to you.
4. We are required by law to disclose confidential information.
5. We believe there is a risk of harm to yourself or others.
6. The confidential information relates to illegal activity.

6. Your Obligation To Us

During the course of the program you agree to:
Communicate honestly.
Provide information requested of you in connection with the coaching process.
Be opened to feedback and assistance that is honest, direct, supportive and challenging.
Take responsibility for yourself and/or your business, and be courteous at all times.
Attend coaching sessions on time.
Catch up on the replays if you can’t attend live.
Commit to and participate fully in the program and coaching process.

By entering this program you will not be subjected to financial obligations that you will not be able to meet.

We will provide access to the program's materials through an account on the membership site requiring a user ID and password.  You will not share your account login with another person, and if you believe that your login is being used without your permission, please contact us immediately.

You maintain and preserve the confidentiality of any confidential information disclosed to you during the course of the program

In any communication during the course of the program on the program platform or  group space you agree to not communicate in any ways that:
Are obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory.
Promote or assist in unlawful activity.
Discriminate against anyone of any group or class, race, gender, marriage, civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, religion or belief, nationality, disability, gender reassignment, sexual orientation or age.
Intends or otherwise is likely to harass, annoy, alarm, inconvenience, upset or embarrass another person.
Is calculated to deceive.
Infringes on or threatens to infringe on the rights of another person.
Infringes on the intellectual property rights of another person or party.
Infringes on our website terms of uses.

If we suspend or terminate your program as a result of a breach in this clause, no refunds will be due in respect of the fees or any part of the fees that have been paid by you.

7. Program Fees

In regards to the fees, you agree to pay in accordance with the terms set out in the agreement.

Unless agreed in advance, if you default on your payment more than once, the rest of the payment will immediately be due.

The costs associated with the program will be your sole responsibility, including:
Telephone or internet charges. And the cost of downloading and printing materials.

If fees are not paid we reserve the right to:
Charge interest on any due amount at a rate of 4% per annum.
Suspend access to the program until all outstanding payments are made, and or
terminate this agreement.

We reserve the right to change the fees on our site and/or to add/remove any special offers or discounts. These changes will not affect you if you’ve already entered into the agreement.

8. Cancellation By You

You may cancel if there is a breach of materials on our part and you make us aware of the breach, and no attempts are made to rectify said breach in the course of 30 days.

If you cancel the agreement due to a breach, you must inform us via email and provided we agree with you, we will refund you on fees paid in respect to the program that you’ve not yet received at the date of your cancellation.

Refunds will be through the same payment method you used to gain access to the program.

With the exception to the above, you will not be entitled to cancel the agreement during the term.

You shall not be entitled to a refund on your fees or any part payments made.

9. Termination Of The Agreement By Us

We reserve the right to terminate the agreement immediately if:

You breach any of the terms above.
You’ve acted in a way that will affect our good will or our ability to deliver the program to others.

If we terminate the agreement due to these reasons, all outstanding payments due will become payable.

We reserve the right to terminate the program if an event outside of our control occurs for more than 60 days or we are unable to provide the program due to the non-availability of required people or materials to deliver it.

We reserve the right to terminate the program at any time for any reason with 14 days written notice.

If we terminate the program, you will only be required to pay for the parts of the program we have already provided. A refund will be issued for any parts within the time frame of the program that haven’t been delivered.

Refunds will be made using the same method that was used for payment.

10. Law

This agreement is governed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales

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