£222.00 GBP

Every year

Soul Coded House Membership

As a founding member you will receive the following gifts in appreciation.


  • 12 Months Of Quantum Shifts, Healing & Up Levelling
  • Monthly Live Group Online Expansion Sessions

  • Healing & Growth Sessions Through Masterclasses and Challenges

  • Access To A Premium Online Portal With Content Designed To Create Powerful Quantum Shifts.

  • Tools To Manifest Your Souls Visions & Callings In Real Time, With A Collective Who Are Also Doing The Same.

  • A Space To Actively Plant Seeds To Create The Things You Love, While Celebrating Each Win And Having Us Witness As You Rise.

  • 10% off all master courses and programs within the Soul Coded Suite.

  • This current rate will be available for the first 100 people after which it will rise to £111 per month

Let's Rise And Deepen Together.

You can cancel after the first year and you won't be billed for future cycles.