Each person that you serve is a divine being and a heartbeat.


Meet The Soul Of Your Business


A two hour live activation,  where you get to say YES to the support, intelligence and flow that is available from the quantum field.


Wednesday 29th Sept

4pm UK Time

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During This Activation You Will...

  • Receive relatable ways to see and connect to gifts within your own soul.
  • Access to the vast network of intelligence, wisdom and magic within you.
  • Be introduced to the soul of your business and what it desires to express in collaboration with  you.
  • Get nourished by the co-creative relationship that your soul has with the soul of your business.
  • Receive a powerful activation that will allow you to tap into the soul of your business at any time for guidance, direction and the creation of pathways.


I'm Ready For This Activation

If We've Never Met Before, Hi I'm Tash Mitch

I'm a spiritual, soulful and alchemical business strategist.

My own directive is to consciously weave soul into business, spirit into structure, and divinity into the day to day core of your walk and work.

Like many who are here with soul mission and soul calling switched on, I recognise this time and space as being ripe for evolution, elevation and the embodiment of higher and more refined frequencies into our human experience and awareness.

I can help you connect to your business in a way that is resonant, loving, soul fueled and sovereign.

If this sounds a YES in your cells and bones then come join us for this activation.

I'm Saying YES!

You Are Here To Express Your Soul Into The World


No One Else Can Do That For You!

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